Sunday, 23 November 2014

How to Select the Perfect Filing Cabinet

Purchasing the right filing system makes it easier to locate and retrieve files. An organized filing cabinet streamlines the entire filing process and helps to easily find data in emergency situations. It also safeguards necessary documents from seepage, deterioration, and damage. Companies on the look-out for excellent office furniture in Dubai may get in touch with a reputed Middle Range Furniture Company Dubai that provides high-quality furniture at great bargains. There are primarily two types of filing cabinets, vertical and lateral. The vertical cabinet holds 2-5 drawers per cabinet and enables filing of papers & folders facing the front of the drawers. Office with limited wall space may opt for such filing systems.

Lateral cabinets are slightly different from their traditional counter-parts as they offer storing of files either side-to-side or front-to-back positions in drawers. They can hold legal as well as letter sized files. Filing cabinets are available in different varieties such as wooden, laminated, metal, and fire-resistant. While the wooden cabinets exude a classy appeal, laminated systems are the more popular choice. They are also more durable and less-expensive than wood. In fact, they can be patterned to give a high-quality look of wooden cabinets.

Those on a restricted budget may buy a metal cabinet that offers durability and cost-effectiveness. However, the most durable is the one which is made from high-grade steel, as it can protect the necessary documents and the filing mechanism from everyday wear and tear. Choosing the right quality of cabinet is also of paramount importance. A cabinet with a well-built suspension system will enable smooth rolling of drawers irrespective of the weight of folders inside them. Cabinets with counterweighted drawers and robust internal locking system provide safety to its users and prevent multiple drawers from opening simultaneously. Other important points to consider are wall availability, filing practice, size of files, and more.

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