Monday, 28 July 2014

How to Select the Right Executive Office Chair for Your Home Office?

So you have picked out a cozy, remote corner of your house to metamorphose it into your home office, invested in sleek storage cabinets and the apt desk to work upon to your best ability. But while such pieces of furniture cater to make your work systematic and organized, what remains integral to your health is choosing the right office chair where you will be spending hours sitting and working on. Smart office solutions, Office Furniture Company in Dubai, can provide you a wide range of furniture from traditional leather chairs to modern ergonomic ones. Before purchasing one for your office, here are certain things to check out.

Know the Various Parameters: Prior to splurging your money into an expensive chair, you should have a fair idea about the different parts that make an executive chair comfortable. For instance, the backrest which proffers support to the lumbar region and the back should be adjustable in terms of its height and its angle whereby it allows you to tilt it as per your comfort. The armrests should be padded and adjustable to ensure there is no hindrance to your movement and should be able to provide your arms and shoulders maximum support to prevent shoulder or neck pains. It is also worthwhile to go for extra-wide wooden or metal bases which are more durable and tenacious and possess casters as well as locking casters to enable you to maneuver your chair in accordance with your need.

Know the Types:  This Italian Furniture Company In Dubai, provides chairs that come in myriad types to support the different parts of your body. Thereby, you can choose from High-back, mid-back and low-back ones which prop up your upper back, mid back and the lower-to middle portions respectively.

Choose the Fabric and Color: When you have made the choice of chair according to its function and comfort factors, move on to make your pick in tune with the fabric and the color. Executive office chairs may come in vinyl, leather heavy-weight materials with varying hues ranging from blacks and whites to beige and creams.

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